Saturday, January 30, 2016

Poll results: Favorite male part(s)

So, a long time ago, we asked you a simple question... "Which male part turns you on?". You answered, in 2015. With impressive 564 votes, we're proud to finally publish the poll results! Readers/followers of Fit Studs are most into:

#1 His face  255 (45%)
#2 Abs  227 (40%)
#3 Muscles  207 (36%)
#4 The "tool"  193 (34%)
#5 Legs  105 (18%)


So, dear men, take notes! Gonna try to stay serious with these... xD
  • For that attractive face, make sure you stay fresh - eat healthy & stay away from nasty stuff like alcohol/cigarettes. 
  • Start exercising & let those abs out
  • Get ripped & grow your body muscles
  • There's a possibility to extend that tool of yours, ya know (just kidding. or, am I?!). 
  • For pretty legs, walk that walk or, run baby run. And maybe try shaving, if you feel like you'd be into that.

Thank you all for participating! :)

Hot guy of the day

Let's get a little weeet!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hot guy of the day

Looks good, right? The pool, that is.

100k followers on Tumblr


I don't remember when I made the (now famous) Fit Studs Tumblr account. I surely didn't expect that many people to engage with our daily content... 100.000 followers is pretty impressive. Made me happy so, drinks on me! :)


It's amazing when you find people (all around the world) who love the same things as you do. Our Fit Studs community is growing every single day through other social networks & online platforms, that's what matters. 

You can check that out in the section on the right, & become/stay one of our special friends in the future. Thanks!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy! 400k blog visits

Happiness! We're happy, yup. For a reason. 
Thank you for the impressive numbers! In a little over a year, we've been visited 400.000+ times, which means you guys are liking our content. Well, make sure you stay tuned & expect more each day.


Hot guy of the day

Renovating the apt & working out a lil'.

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